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Technology & Quality Testing :-

Innovation has no end . We are always strive to bring something new and improved. Our team spend enormous amount of time thinking how the things can be more improved and optimized . Our experienced working personals with the help of technologically improved plants & machinery ensure the goodness of product and its shelf life which is an important factor in determining the quality of the product.

Commitment to quality is the essence at S R Foods. We never compromise with the quality at any cost thats why we have a very long term associations with many of our customers overseas as well as in domestic market.

Our team perform batch wise testing of each of batch produced at the site. Number of microbiological tests are carried out for Pesticides and Afflatoxin Residue.

Processed products :-

We have a range of pasta products such as Penne , Fusilli ,Vermicelli , Macaroni etc. . We use extrusion cooking method in which starchy materials are plasticised in a tube by a combination of moisture, pressure, heat and mechanical shear. This results in the gelatinisation of the starch, denaturisation of the protein and the exothermic expansion of the particle . After this process the sheet obtained is cut into the desired shapes and sizes . To obtain the good shelf life of the product the final pallets are dried at a very high temperature for certain amount of time.

FSSAI Certified Pasta Manufacturer in India

Our main export markets are Africa, Middle East, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, North America, Central America, Australia and Asia.